Spacemen Blog

I’ll mostly use this as a place to post site updates, but there may be some other thoughts from time to time.

  • New live recording – The Loft, Berlin, 19 January 1988
    A fantastic recording of this gig has recently surfaced on YouTube.
  • New flyer – Monkey Club at the Crown and Castle, 14 May 1987
    Nice flyer for the 14 May 1987 gig at the Crown and Castle pub in Dalston, courtest of Dan Cross of Perfect Disaster. A good time to live in the area…
  • Select Magazine Reviews
    A selection of Spacemen 3 reviews from Select magazine, of Recurring, Playing With Fire, Performance, Dreamweapon, Live In Europe and Translucent Flashbacks. All from the Select Magazine Scans website (, via Kirill Maslov.
  • Spacemen Pod 8
    In episode 8 of Spacemen Pod, we take a look back at Spacemen 3’s performance at Watermans Arts Centre from 19 August 1988, the gig everyone now calls Dreamweapon. With contributions from Spaceman for the night Steve Evans, bassist Will Carruthers, taper Andy Jackson, Vinita Joshi of Rocket Girl Records, Steve Mitchell of Fierce Recordings, attendees Col Todd and Paul Thorpe from the band The Loveblobs, latter-day Spaceman Mark Refoy, and the late, great, Pat Fish.
  • Live video – The Enterprise Pub, 2 August 1986
    An amazing video of Spacemen 3’s gig at the Enterprise Pub in Chalk Farm on 2 August 1986 has been posted to YouTube.