Spacemen Blog

I’ll mostly use this as a place to post site updates, but there may be some other thoughts from time to time.

  • Fanzine review, Ancienne Belgique, 9/2/88
    A review of the 9 February 1988 gig at Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, Belgium, from an unknown fanzine. With many thanks to Kirill Maslov.
  • Spacemen Pod Episode 2
    The second episode of our Spacemen 3 podcast has been uploaded. You can listen to it and read more details here.
  • Performance review, Melody Maker 13/8/88
    I’ve added the Melody Maker’s review of the original release of Performance to that album’s page. Many thanks to nothinelseon on Twitter.
  • Double release day
    I think this is the first time that Pete and Jason have something released on the same day. You can order the Sonic Boom remix album Almost Nothing Is Nearly Enough from Bandcamp, and the reissue of Lazer Guided Melodies from Spiritualized’s site. (Many other options are available, support your local record shop.)
  • Lotus Blossom – (​(​(​)​)​)
    Just arrived from France, the debut album from Lotus Blossom, (​(​(​)​)​). Laurent Lanouziere from Lotus Blossom was in Reverberation with Thierry Bernardon, who played a gig with Spacemen 3 and was involved in the Playing With Fire sessions. Pleasant, woozy psychedelia, well worth checking out. Bandcamp.