Spacemen Blog

I’ll mostly use this as a place to post site updates, but there may be some other thoughts from time to time.

  • New photos – Clarendon Feb 87, Dingwalls March 88
    A selection of photos from two London gigs, 13 February 1987 at the Clarendon in Hammersmith, and 28 March 1988 at Camden Dingwalls. They were recently posted on Instagram by sceneinbetween, who you should all be following, but are reproduced here courtesy of the original photographer, Cath Crowe.
  • New info for 1989 France dates
    Some nice pictures with information about the 19 April 1989 Lyon gig and 21 April 1989 Rennes gig. Thanks to Kirill Maslov.
  • A gig that didn’t happen – Northampton Roadmender, 19 December 1987
    There’s an advert for the 19 December 1987 gig at Norhtampton Roadmenders, but a member of support band Magnolia Siege tells me that Spacemen 3 didn’t play. More details on the gig page, with many thanks to Richard Jones.
  • New gig – Roadmender Centre, Northampton, 11 June 1989
    A gig from 11 June 1989 that doesn’t seem to have been advertised anywhere, and which happened between dates on a Spacemen 3 headline tour. Thankfully we have witnesses!
  • Poster – Gigant, Appeldorn, Netherlands, 5 February 1988
    Lovely clear image of the poster for the 5 February 1988 gig at Appeldorn, Netherlands, courtesy of Tim Morris. The previous picture I had of this poster was tiny, so this is a great upgrade to have.