Spacemen Blog

I’ll mostly use this as a place to post site updates, but there may be some other thoughts from time to time.

  • Gig poster – The Asylum, Manchester, 27 August 1987
    There was already a black and white copy of the poster from this gig floating around, but now Kirill Maslov has found a colour version to go with it, as well as a completely different design for the same gig.
  • Spacemen Pod Episode 7
    In this episode, we walk with Jesus as we discuss one of Spacemen 3’s most famous songs. Ian and Mark disect the many recorded versions, and are joined by Pat Fish of The Jazz Butcher for a chat about a couple of versions where Pat supplied vocals. Plus contributions from a few other fans for which this is a favourite song. Band photo taken during the Walkin’ With Jesus single cover shoot courtesy of Craig Wagstaff. More info and links to other places you can listen here.
  • Gig ticket – Velvet Estate, Rimini, 26 May 1989
    Kirill Maslov has tracked down this ticket for the 26 May 1989 gig at the Velvet Estate, Rimini, Italy. It has been signed by Robert Butler from The Miracle Workers, the headline band for the night, making this the only gig on the 1989 European tour that I’m aware of that Spacemen 3 didn’t headline.
  • Podcast interview with Pete Kember
    The new episode of the James McMahon podcast is an interview with Pete Kember. First two-thirds or so are mostly an interesting, if slightly depressing, discussion of the state of the world. But there’s a fair bit of Spacemen 3 chat starting around 40 minutes in. Only on Spotify as far as I can see, but you don’t need an account to listen (thankfully, as that’s something I’m still resisting).
  • Live photo, Reading Festival, 25 August 1989
    A photo from the last Spacemen 3 gig at the Reading Festival, 25 August 1989, recently posted on Twitter by TheJazzDad. Not the ideal location to be photographing the stage from, perhaps, but it’s the best one of this gig that we have, and you can actually see Mark Refoy. No one is sitting down!