I am grateful to many people for their help and contributions to this site and for helping further my obsession with Spacemen 3 over the years. So, whether they know how helpful they have been or not, many, many thanks to:

Pete Bain, Nikki Barr, Chris Barrus, Andy Black, Will Carruthers, Toby Clarke, Sean Cook, Richard Davis, Noel Douglas, Steve Evans, Alan Fairnie, Pat Fish, Adam Gillison, Chris Gillison, Julian Gonnermann, Graham Holliday, TheJazzDad, Peter Kember, Russell Kidd, Asako Koidee, Alan Kovan, Kaori Laird, Martin Langshaw, Mark Lascelles, Karl Lovblad, Kirill Maslov, Ade Matthews, Johnny Mattock, Rose Melberg, MiddleRabbit, Tim Morris, Eric Morse, Phil Nicholls, Evan O’Maoilearca, Dominic Martin, Johnny_P, Jason Pierce, Mark Refoy, Andy Rigg, Sterling Roswell, Heidi Schramli, Greg Shafer, Sibi, David Singularvintage, Damian Stafford, Brian David Stevens, Terry Stewart, Daniel Sutter, Jack Trevillion, Craig Wagstaff, Wendy stardream_girl, Gavin Wissen, Simon Young and everyone I have forgotten.

In the time that I have been collecting Spacemen bits from the internet, especially pictures, I have done a very poor job of keeping track of where they came from. If I have featured anything of yours, please let me know so that I can credit you.