Losing Touch With Your Mind

Front, inside and back of the gatefold CD, and all sides of the CD insert

Pete Kember – Jason Pierce – Pete Bain – Natty Brooker – Sterling Roswell – Will Carruthers – Johnny Mattock (and possibly others, there are no credits given)

Releases and Tracklistings
Released on Munster Records, 1991. LP (MR011), CD (MRCD011). First 2000 on each format numbered. Some LPs on marbled or grey vinyl, although these may be later represses.

  1. Honey (Alternate Mix) Summer 1988 (Kember)
  2. Walkin’ With Jesus (Alternate Mix) Spring 1987 (Kember/Pierce)
  3. Repeater (Alternate Mix) Summer 1988 (Kember)
  4. X-Tacy Symphony (Alternate Mix) Spring 1987 (Kember)
  5. Transparent Radiation (Alternate Mix) Spring 1987 (Thompson/Cunningham/Barthelm)
  6. Losing Touch With My Mind (Northampton Demo) Spring 1986 (Kember/Pierce)
  7. Suicide (Heavy Drum Mix) Summer 1988 (Kember/Pierce)
  8. Things’ll Never Be The Same (Drum Mix) Spring 1987 (Kember/Pierce)
  9. Why Couldn’t I See (Alternate Mix) Summer 1989 (Kember)

Other Information
An unofficial release, but one that managed to find its way into many high street record shops in the UK. Many of the alternate versions are sufficiently similar to the released ones that this functions very well as a Spacemen 3 “Best Of”, and it would not be a bad way to introduce newcomers to the band. Unlike other bootleg or semi-legitimate releases, this has not been picked up and officially reissued by Space Age Recordings.

The fantastic version of ‘Walkin’ With Jesus’ is from a 1987 rehearsal.

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