Spacemen 3 Gig List

This is all of the Spacemen 3 gigs that I know of. Details are sketchy in the early days, and some of the dates and lineups are my best guess, but it should be pretty much complete for 1988 and 1989. Click on a gig to see more details, such as setlists where there is a known recording, posters, flyers, tickets, photos, etc. Were you there? Leave your memories!

I’m always on the lookout for more info, so please let me know if you can help.

Late 1983Turkey’s Wild Party, Rugby
20 December 1983Exchange Pub, Rugby
3 April 1984Exchange Pub, Rugby
23 April 1984Black Lion Pub, Northampton
19 July 1984Experiment, Saracen’s Head Pub, Rugby
5 February 1985Black Swan Pub, Rugby
22 May 1985The Pilgrim Club, The Colin Campbell Pub, Coventry
3 August 1985Black Lion Pub, Northampton
30 August 1985Caldecott Arms Pub, Long Lawford
7 October 1985The Colin Campbell Pub, Coventry
25 October 1985Black Lion Pub, Northampton
1 November 1985Black Lion Pub, Northampton
27 November 1985Mercia Leisure Centre, Coventry
6 December 1985Reverberation Club, Blitz Pub, Rugby
19 December 1985Benn Hall, Rugby
27 December 1985Black Lion Pub, Northampton
7 February 1986Roadmender Centre, Northampton
14 February 1986Imperial Pub, Rugby
6 March 1986Reverberation Club, Blitz Pub, Rugby
8 March 1986The Wheatsheaf Pub, Banbury
20 March 1986Reverberation Club, Blitz Pub, Rugby
27 March 1986Reverberation Club, Blitz Pub, Rugby
1 April 1986JB’s, Dudley
18 April 1986The Mermaid Pub, Sparkhill, Birmingham
30 April 1986Rhythm Box, Scandals Night Club, Leamington Spa
2 May 1986The Wheatsheaf Pub, Banbury
3 May 1986The Rock Garden, London
20 May 1986The Pilgrim Club, The Colin Campbell Pub, Coventry
30 May 1986The Crypt, Deptford, London
5 June 1986Reverberation Club, Blitz Pub, Rugby
17 June 1986The Pilgrim Club, The Colin Campbell Pub, Coventry
8 July 1986JB’s, Dudley
9 July 1986The Clarendon, Hammersmith, London
17 July 1986Sensateria, Birmingham
18 July 1986The Buccaneer, West India Dock Road, London
25 July 1986Roadmender Center, Northampton
2 August 1986The Enterprise Pub, Chalk Farm, London
7 August 1986Zap Club, Brighton
8 August 1986Black Lion Pub, Northampton
14 August 1986Reverberation Club, Blitz Pub, Rugby
19 August 1986Barrel Organ, Birmingham
22 August 1986The Crypt, Deptford, London
25 August 1986Gossips, Dean Street, London
7 September 1986The Five Bells Pub, Northampton
19 September 1986Reverberation Club, Blitz Pub, Rugby
25 September 1986Sensateria, Birmingham
27 September 1986Black Lion Pub, Northampton
3 October 1986The International, Manchester
4 October 1986The Astoria, London
9 October 1986Nene College, Northampton
16 October 1986Scruples Nightclub, Wolverhampton
24 October 1986Plinston Hall, Letchworth
31 October 1986Reverberation Club, Blitz Pub, Rugby
1 November 1986Paard Van Troje, The Hague, Netherlands
6 November 1986Aldgate East Poly, London
18 November 1986Reverberation Club, Blitz Pub, Rugby
26 November 1986Reverberation Club, Blitz Pub, Rugby
5 December 1986Lagoon Bar, Chesterfield
12 December 1986Club O Mankind, Hackney, London
18 December 1986Benn Hall, Rugby
28 December 1986Vera, Groningen, Netherlands
16 January 1987Peacock Pub, Rugby
30 January 1987The Angel’s Reply Pub, Hitchin
13 February 1987The Clarendon, Hammersmith, London
19 February 1987The Clarendon, Hammersmith, London
6 March 1987Hackney Empire, London
10 March 19871000 Appeltjes, Antwerp, Belgium
11 March 1987Paard Van Troje, The Hague, Netherlands
12 March 1987Vera, Groningen, Netherlands
13 March 1987De Effenaar, Eindhoven, Netherlands
15 March 1987Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, Belgium
16 March 1987Club Mazzo, Amsterdam, Netherlands
20 March 1987Club Dog, Wood Green, London
22 March 1987The Five Bells Pub, Northampton
4 April 1987The Boardwalk, Manchester
8 April 1987The Boys Club, Bedford
23 April 1987Benn Hall, Rugby
24 April 1987The Clarendon, Hammersmith, London
14 May 1987Crown And Castle Pub, London
16 May 1987Maze Bar, Sheffield
22 May 1987The Sir George Robey, Seven Sisters, London
30 May 1987Reverberation Club, Blitz Pub, Rugby
4 June 1987The Clarendon, Hammersmith, London
25 June 1987The Packhorse, Leeds
29 June 1987Dingwalls, Camden, London
18 July 1987The Boardwalk, Manchester
1 August 1987The Clarendon, Hammersmith, London
27 August 1987The Asylum, King Street West, Manchester
30 August 1987Club Mankind, Hackney, London
4 September 1987The Hurricane Club, Oldham
18 September 1987Take Two, Sheffield
23 September 1987The Boardwalk, Manchester
24 September 1987Electric Ballroom, Camden, London
3 October 1987Northampton Arts Centre
15 October 1987Zap Club, Brighton
17 October 1987The Clarendon, Hammersmith, London
21 October 1987ICA, London
22 October 1987Mean Fiddler, Harlesden, London
23 October 1987The Boardwalk, Manchester
11 November 1987Speed, Charing Cross Road, London
1 December 1987Northampton Arts Centre
11 December 1987Sensateria, Birmingham
12 December 1987Queens Hall, Leeds
13 December 1987Town & Country Club, London
18 December 1987Sheffield
19 December 1987Roadmender Centre, Northampton
4 January 1988Dingwalls, Camden, London
1988 European TourSome general notes about dates and venues
11 January 1988Rose Club, Cologne, Germany
12 January 1988Zeche, Bochum, Germany
13 January 1988Bad, Hannover, Germany
14 January 1988Kir, Hamburg, Germany
15 January, 1988Jugend Kulturzentum, Oldenburg, Germany
16 January 1988Forum, Enger, Germany
17 January 1988Römer, Bremen, Germany
19 January 1988Loft, Berlin, Germany
20 January 1988Schwimmbad, Heidelberg, Germany
21 January 1988Wartburg, Wiesbaden, Germany
22 January 1988Jugend Haus, Ravensburg, Germany
23 January 1988Rockhaus, Schwindkirchen, Germany
24 January 1988Posthof, Linz, Austria
25 January 1988Röhre, Stuttgart, Germany
26 January 1988Alabamahalle, Munich, Germany
27 January 1988U4, Vienna, Austria
28 January 1988Utopia, Innsbruck, Austria
29 January 1988Spielbuden, Dornbirn, Austria
30 January 1988Dolce Vita, Lausanne, Switzerland
31 January 1988Café Mokka, Thun, Switzerland
3 February 1988Zurich, Switzerland
4 February 1988Saarbrucken, Switzerland
5 February 1988Gigant, Apeldoorn, Netherlands
6 February 1988Melkweg, Amsterdam, Netherlands
7 February 1988Vera, Groningen, Netherlands
9 February 1988Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, Belgium
18 March 1988Boardwalk, Manchester
20 March 1988Rooftops, Glasgow
21 March 1988Venue, Edinburgh
22 March 1988Riverside, Newcastle
23 March 1988Adam & Eve, Leeds
24 March 1988Take Two, Sheffield
25 March 1988Take Two, Sheffield
28 March 1988Dingwalls, Camden, London
31 March 1988Arts Centre, Salisbury
8 April 1988Kamikazi Klub, Northampton
30 April 1988Astoria, London
20 May 1988ULU, London
27 May 1988Tunnel Club, London
16 June 1988Tunnel Club, London
20 June 1988Dingwalls, Camden, London
14 July 1988Tunnel Club, London
19 August 1988Waterman’s Art Centre, Brentford, London
24 August 1988Riverside, Hammersmith, London
18 October 1988Duchess Of York, Leeds
19 October 1988Venue, Edinburgh
28 October 1988Boardwalk, Manchester
31 October 1988Escape Club, Brighton
2 November 1988After Dark Club, Reading
4 November 1988ULU, London
11 November 1988The Caribbean Club, Basingstoke
15 November 1988Drummonds, Euston Road, London
12 December 1988Dingwalls, Camden, London
2 January 1989Dingwalls, Camden, London
23 February 1989Fury Murrys, Glasgow
24 February 1989The Venue, Edinburgh
27 February 1989Riverside, Newcastle
28 February 1989Duchess Of York, Leeds
1 March 1989Keele University
2 March 1989Knights, Chester
3 March 1989Nottingham Trent Polytechnic
4 March 1989Warwick University
6 March 1989Hacienda, Manchester
7 March 1989Burberries, Birmingham
8 March 1989Oxford Polytechnic
9 March 1989Liverpool University
11 March 1989Colchester Essex University
13 March 1989The Venue, Cardiff
14 March 1989Escape, Brighton
15 March 1989Portsmouth Polytechnic
17 March 1989Eliot College, University of Kent (Canterbury)
20 March 1989The Gardens, Morecambe
21 March 1989Leadmill, Sheffield
22 March 1989Notre Dame Hall, London
23 March 1989Civic Centre, Aylesbury
1989 European TourSome general notes about dates and venues
12 April 1989Paradiso, Amsterdam, Netherlands
13 April 1989Willem 1, Arnhem, Netherlands
14 April 1989Nighttown, Rotterdam, Netherlands
15 April 1989Unitas, Wageningen, Netherlands
18 April 1989Grenoble, France
19 April 1989Le Truck, Lyon, France
21 April 1989Ubu, Rennes, France
22 April 1989Rex Club, Paris, France
23 April 1989Vooruit, Gent, Belgium
25 April 1989Barbue, Copenhagen, Denmark
27 April 1989Electric Garden, Stockholm, Sweden
28 April 1989Oslo, Norway
30 April 1989Rose Club, Cologne, Germany
1 May 1989Markthalle, Hamberg, Germany
2 May 1989Live Station, Dortmund, Germany
3 May 1989Schwimmbad, Heidelberg, Germany
4 May 1989Quartier Latin, Berlin, Germany
5 May1989Bad, Hannover, Germany
6 May 1989Forum, Enger, Germany
7 May 1989Balhaus, Göttingen, Germany
9 May 1989Rührersaal, Nuremberg, Germany
10 May 1989Arena, Vienna, Austria
11 May 1989Posthof, Linz, Austria
12 May 1989Fekete Luk, Budapest, Hungary
14 May 1989Röhre, Stuttgart, Germany
15 May 1989Jugendzentrum, Innsbruck, Austria
16 May 1989Schlachthof, Munich, Germany
17 May 1989Kulturzentrum, Mainz, Germany
18 May 1989New Morning, Geneva, Switzerland
19 May 1989Cafe Mokka, Thun, Switzerland
20 May 1989Spielboden, Dornrirn, Austria
24 May 1989Mascotte, Nonantola, Italy
25 May 1989Bloom, Mezzago, Italy
26 May 1989Velvet Estate, Rimini, Italy
30 May 1989Watermans Arts Center, Brentford
10 June 1989Angel Centre, Tonbridge
11 June 1989Roadmender Centre, Northampton
13 June 1989Leicester University
14 June 1989Bierkeller, Bristol
16 June 1989Exeter University
21 June 1989Adelphi, Hull
22 June 1989Sugarhouse, Lancaster
23 June 1989Calton Studios, Edinburgh
24 June 1989Station Hotel, Aberdeen
25 June 1989Mayfair, Glasgow
26 June 1989Twisted Wheel, Carlisle
20 July 1989Imperial Pub, Rugby
23 July 1989Town and Country Club, London
22 August 1989Subterania, London
25 August 1989Reading Festival
Late 1989Cancelled Dates
14 October 1989Sheffield
15 October 1989Riverside, Newcastle
17 October 1989Manchester Poly
22 October 1989Brunel University
26 October 1989The World, New York City, USA
27 October 1989The Roxy, New York City, USA
28 October 1989The Rat, Boston, USA
29 October 1989Maxwell’s, Hoboken, New Jersey, USA
31 October 1989CBGB, New York City, USA
2 November 1989Khyber Pass, Philadelphia, USA
3 November 1989Baltimore, USA
4 November 19899:30 Club, Washington DC, USA
6 November 1989Toronto, Canada
7 November 1989Detroit, USA
8 November 1989Chicago, USA
9 November 1989Minneapolis, USA
? 1989Royal Albert Hall, London