20 March 1986 – Reverberation Club, Blitz Pub, Rugby

Pete Kember – Jason Pierce – Pete Bain – Natty Brooker (and others)

One Chord Wah Wah Jam / Cheree-Smile Jam / I’m A Man – A Spaceman – Jam / Rugby Jam / Peter Gunn Jam

Billed as a Free Form Freakout by Spacemen 3 and Friends, this chaotic and largely improvised evening is interesting in its own right. The titles above were probably assigned by the taper.

‘Cheree-Smile Jam’ starts off very clearly based on ‘Cheree’ by Suicide, and incorporates lyrics from ‘Why Don’t You Smile Now’, written by Reed/Cale pre-Velvets for their friends The All Night Workers (and later covered by Spiritualized).

‘I’m A Man – A Spaceman – Jam’ has strong similarities with ‘By The River’, an early Spacemen original included on How The Blues Should Have Turned Out 1.

‘Rugby Jam’ is apprently performed by members of The Cogs Of Tyme, with no Spacemen involvement.

The audio of this gig is on YouTube, with a set of different titles.

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