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An irregular series of Spacemen 3 related chats with Ian Edmond and Mark Lascelles.

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We take a look back at Spacemen 3’s performance at Watermans Arts Centre from 19 August 1988, the gig everyone now calls Dreamweapon. With contributions from Spaceman for the night Steve Evans, bassist Will Carruthers, taper Andy Jackson, Vinita Joshi of Rocket Girl Records, Steve Mitchell of Fierce Recordings, attendees Col Todd and Paul Thorpe from the band The Loveblobs, latter-day Spaceman Mark Refoy, and the late, great, Pat Fish.

Dreamweapon on YouTube:

Will Carruthers’ Patreon, with free download of Will talking about Dreamweapon:

Pat Fish RIP – The Jazz Butcher fan website:

Steve Johnson’s contemporary photos of Watermans Arts Centre:…474226329363705/

Andy Jackson’s interview with Sonic Boom from issue 5 of Sowing Seeds:

Official Spiritualized site information about the new album:…-was-beautiful

Video for Spiritualized’s Always Together With You:

Some information about the Loveblobs:

Steve Evans’ YouTube channel:…B-I5-XO_jO3fsU7y7

New Slipstream album, Liberty:

In this episode, we walk with Jesus as we discuss one of Spacemen 3’s most famous songs. Ian and Mark dissect the many recorded versions, and are joined by Pat Fish of The Jazz Butcher for a chat about a couple of versions where Pat supplied vocals. Plus contributions from a few other fans for which this is a favourite song.

Band photo taken during the Walkin’ With Jesus single cover shoot courtesy of Craig Wagstaff.

Playlist of studio and demo versions:

Playlist of Spacemen 3 live versions:

Playlist of Pat Fish versions:

Playlist of post-Spacemen 3 live versions:

Playlist of cover versions:

Walkin’ With Jesus original video:

The Five Americans – I See The Light:

Sonic Boom Bandcamp with tour dates:

Spiritualized site with reissue details:

Will Carruthers’ Patreon:

Hoxton Gallery Tilt exhibition with some of Will’s artwork:

Andy Black’s record label, Popty Ping:

In this episode we conclude our interview with Mark Refoy, talking about his extensive post-Spiritualized work. As well as Mark’s many Slipstream albums, we talk about his time with Pet Shop Boys and the songs by other artists that he has guested on. Plus Graham Duff, writer of the BBC 3 comedy Ideal, tells us about his use of Mark’s music in the programme.

Slipstream on SoundCloud:

Slipstream on Bandcamp:

Slipstream on Spotify (also includes a different Slipstream):

Slipstream on Apple Music (also includes a different Slipstream):

Slipstream at the Northampton Labour Club – Crayon Angels (Judee Sill)/Everything And Anything (2008):

Slipstream at the Northampton Labour Club – Psycho Paul (2010):

Restoration of Mark’s guitar:

Sunshine Valley Dance Band – Maybe Next Time (Demo):

Compilation of Psycho Paul moments from Ideal, ending with the Slipstream song:

A reunion of friends – Walkin’ With Jesus:

Interview with Mark at The Lazarus Files:

Interview with Mark at American Noir:

Pet Shop Boys Peel session:

Pet Shop Boys at Live 8 – It’s A Sin:

Pet Shop Boys – Love Comes Quickly (Cologne, 2002):

Philip Parfitt – Are We Really Still The Same:

Morningface & Slipstream – I Don’t Wanna Know:

Fuxa – Real Wild Child:

Lucigenic – Hope:

She Robot – Obsessed With You:

Paul Roderick – The Thrill Of New Love:

Paul Roderick – Shadow Boxing:

Damian Smiler – 2020 Club:

Graham Duff’s label Heaven’s Lathe:

Judee Sill – The Kiss on the Old Grey Whistle Test:

Simon Wolstencroft on Twitter:

Kraftwerk at Hammersmith Palais, 29/6/81:

Lieutenant Pigeon – The Villain:

Anthony Tombling’s project, Cuts:

We continue our chat with Mark Refoy, who recounts his memories of making the Spiritualized album Pure Phase.

Photo of Mark in the early days of Slipstream courtesy of Phil Nicholls (

New Slipstream track, Bradlaugh Fields Forever:

Rumponia compilation including a Cellar 16 song:

Spiritualized at Glastonbury 1992:

Spiritualized at Glastonbury 1993:

Spiritualized MTV session:

Andrew McCulloch’s piece on Pure Phase:

Pete Bassman Manchester date, 13 November:

Electronic Sound magazine with Jason interview:

Relatively Clean Rivers:

In this episode, we continue our chat with Mark Refoy, talking about his time in Spacemen 3 and Spiritualized, and we examine I Love You from the final Spacemen3 album Recurring.

Photo of Mark with the first Spiritualized lineup courtesy of Phil Nicholls (

Spacemen 3 at Subterania, 22 August 1989, part 1:

Spacemen 3 at Subterania, 22 August 1989, part 2:

Spacemen 3 at the Reading Festival, 25 August 1989:

Art & Language: Letters to The Jackson Pollock Bar in the Style of The Red Krayola (includes link to the video of the event):

Buy J Spaceman And J Coxon Play The Red Krayola Live 1967:

Synthetic Dreams podcast with Pete Kember:

New Cheval Sombre album at Sonic Cathedral:

Will Carruthers on Twitter with details of his online gig:

Bob Marley’s musical influence on I Love You, Mr Brown:

Bob Marley’s lyrical influence on I Love You, Duppy Conqueror:

Jan and Dean – Things Go Better With Coke:

In our third episode, Ian and Mark chat to Mark Refoy about the bands he was a part of in the 1980s and his memories of seeing Spacemen 3 as a fan. The interview will continue in future episodes, covering Mark’s time in Spacemen 3 and Spiritualized and the many projects he has been involved with since. Photo: Mark with the Tell Tale Hearts, playing Jason’s telecaster during a Spacemen 3 support slot at the Roadmenders, Northampton, February 1986.

The Syndromes CD can be bought from here:

Video of Mark playing with Cellar 16 at the Black Lion:

Playlist of songs from Mark’s early bands:

Whistle Test piece on the Northampton Musician’s Collective:

Graham Holiday’s book about his (and Mark’s) first Spacemen 3 gig:

Sonic Boom Bandcamp page, including details of live dates:

Spiritualized site with links to stores to order reissues:

The Psychedelic Schafferson Jetplane:

Foxtrot Sierra & His Uniforms:

Latin American Spacemen 3 tribute album (free!):

In this second episode, Ian and Mark chat about Transparent Radiation and the November 1985 gig at the Mercia Leisure Centre. Greg Jarvis from Flowers of Hell describes his Spacemen 3 voyage of discovery, and there’s a discussion of Spacemen contemporaries Loop.

Many thanks to Greg Jarvis (, Gavin Wissen for Mercia memories, and Steve Evans for permission to use his early band photo.

Spacemen 3 play Transparent Radiation at Willem 1, Arnhem, Netherlands, 13 April 1989:

Spacemen 3 play Transparent Radiation at the Forum, Enger, Germany, 6 May 1989:

Spiritualized site, with links to stores to order reissues:

Pete Kember’s BandCamp:

Pete Bain gig, London, 18 November:

Pete Bain gig, Colchester, 19 November:

More about the Mercia Leisure Centre gig:

Episode One – Introducing Spacemen Pod. Chat about how we discovered Spacemen 3; what it is about them that is so special to us; a discussion of our joint favourite Spacemen 3 song, Feel So Good; a look back at the January 1988 gig at the Rose Club in Cologne; and an overview of Glaxie 500, a favourite of many Spacemen fans.

The YouTube upload of the Rose Club gig can be found at the bottom of this page.

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  1. Well done, Ian & Mark!
    it’s so nice to listen to your banter about the people, experiences, songs & personal impacts. sorta like the 3rd dimension not easily done in text.
    it would be so nice if we could all get in a room and just rap about this! i’m sure we’d all learn to hear new perspectives of this band and just vibe out together!
    however, i know, easier said then done; so in the meantime i look forward to your next episode! (no pressure lol!)

  2. Very cool to finally hear your voices after all these years – you forgot to mention that the best part of that Cologne gig is when someone in the audience shouts “Louder!” at Pete and he replies with a full-on pummeling blast of feedback. Looking forward to the next episode!

  3. Bloody love this, there really is something about spacemen and the respective solo acts that connects the with me like nothing else. Unfortunately they were well before my time and will have to settle for seeing as many spiritualized and sonic boom gigs as I possibly can (not a bad compromise to be fair). Cannot wait for the next episode

    1. Ah, thanks Nicky. It’s even more frustrating for me, they weren’t before my time but I didn’t discover them until it was too late. They played in the town I live in four times, I could have gone to all of them, but no. It has been an age since the last pod, but another is finally planned, shouldn’t be too long I hope.

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