27 November 1985 – Mercia Leisure Centre, Coventry

Pete Kember – Jason Pierce – Natty Brooker

2.35 / Mary Anne / Hey Man / Things’ll Never Be The Same / Little Doll / Walking With Jesus / TV Catastrophe

Jason: “We made a poster for one show that read: ‘Velvets? Stooges? Stones?’ We thought if we put those references on it, someone would be walking around and say: ‘Yeah, I’ve got to have me a bit of that tonight.’ One person turned up. We cleared halls. It never got to this mythical rewrite where we suddenly took off.” (Quoted by Morse, p.55.)

Poster reproduced in lovely colour from Outer Limits 2. Two tracks, ‘Hey Man’ and ‘Things’ll Never Be The Same’ were included on How The Blues Should Have Turned Out 1, where Pete Kember says in the liner notes: “Two tracks recorded at the ill fated Mercia Park Leisure Centre in deepest Coventry – a town that rarely could muster more than 2 people to any of our shows. This was the show with the “Stones? Stooges? Velvets?” poster – it didn’t raise a soul who didn’t travel over from Rugby… The recording here is by Sean Cook ex-Spectrum and Spiritualized when he was still as school. The only person I remember was my uncle… regardless, it shows how we sounded live in 1985 – quite an improvement showing from our regular rehearsals.”

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