19 October 1988 – Venue, Edinburgh

niamhm on the Spiritualized forum says that one of the 1988 Edinburgh gigs didn’t happen, and I expect it was this one since the same thing seems to have happened to a gig advertised for the previous day. “I remember a squad of us going up to see them an being left very disappointed, asked Sonic about this no show when we did see them at the Feb 89` Venue gig and he had no knowledge of it… we were Spacemen fans and waited a while to see them an were so peed off to go up to Edinburgh and not see them, you have to remember maybe only 50% of us had jobs, the rest on the dole, Spacemen were our band at the time and to go up to the big city and not see them was a total pisser, wasn`t the only time we hired a van to go see a band at The Venue and turned up outside to see the venue locked up.”

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