25 August 1989 – Reading Festival

Pete Kember – Jason Pierce – Will Carruthers – Johnny Mattock – Mark Refoy

Rollercoaster / Transparent Radiation / Thingsā€™ll Never Be The Same / Take Me To The Other Side / Mary Anne / Starship / Revolution

Spacemen 3’s last gig, not that anyone was aware of this at the time.

The second ad above doesn’t mention Spacemen 3, but I had to include it for the Kerrang quote.

This is the only time I saw Spacemen 3, not that I knew or cared who they were at the time. The first photo above is courtesy of TheJazzDad (Twitter). I don’t know who took the other two, if it was you, please let me know so that I can credit you.

There is a recording of the audio of this gig on SoundCloud.


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  1. I was working at the Reading Festival that year and got to see the band although not sure that the Festival was their kind of environment. Obvs never knew this would go down in history as their last ever gig! Great days and an extraordinary line-up!

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