18 November 1986 – Reverberation Club, Blitz Pub, Rugby

Pete Kember – Jason Pierce – Pete Bain – Sterling Roswell

Transparent Radiation (Two Attempts) / Come Down Easy / That’s Just Fine / Soul 1 / Bo Diddley (Head Full Of Shit)

The first of two “Birthday Gigs” – Pete Kember and Jason Pierce turned 21 on 19 November. Assuming the recording is of the whole night, all of the songs were getting their live debut.

‘Bo Diddley (Head Full Of Shit)’ was never heard of again, but includes the lyric “I’ve got a head full of shit, a heart full of soul”, which was revived for ‘Feelin’ Just Fine (Head Full Of Shit)’ on Recurring. It is a cover of ‘Bo Diddley Is A Headhunter’ by Roky Erickson.

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