19 August 1988 – Waterman’s Art Centre, Brentford, London

Pete Kember – Jason Pierce – Will Carruthers – Steve Evans

The most unusual Spacemen 3 performance of their career. This is the gig that was released as Dreamweapon, consisting of three quarters of an hour of guitar pulse-drone, with occasional hints of melodies as Jason plays some of the hooks from songs from the forthcoming Playing With Fire. Early rumours said that the released version was only half of the set, but although a second forty-five minute session was planned following a short break, the band were persuaded not to continue.

Steve Evans was a mainstay of the Rugby music scene, brought in here as an extra guitarist. Steve also plays on ‘Spacemen Jam’, an extra track on the reissues of Dreamweapon, which despite credits suggesting that it is a Kember/Pierce jam, is actually a Kember/Evans one.

Will Carruthers says that his bass wasn’t plugged in, but that he didn’t notice until the performance was over.

The entire performance is on YouTube.

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  1. I was there with a few friends and someone (from Cheree?) who was recording it. I think we were the only ones there to see them.

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