19 April 1989 – Le Truck, Lyon, France

Pete Kember – Jason Pierce – Will Carruthers – Johnny Mattock

Review courtesy of Kirill Maslov. Many thanks to Spacegal 333.3 (Instagram) for the translation below, which is far better than I would have managed considering how blurry it is (and the fact that I don’t speak French):

For SP3, a small audience, numbering around 70 and very reserved. An atmosphere recalls their live “Performance”. Hovering, however feet on the earth and that which screws them to the chairs. Everyone sitting except the bassist. Sonic Boom has a case to grind incessantly with his wah-wah pedal. A drummer for necessity. A second lazy guitarist. Classic orchestration. Tremolo on guitars and echo on voice. Three NOISY obsessives with shy thanks between each bit. Bits very lonely (?) and sometimes enchanting. Before, a reminder with a synthesizer with a scotch taped note. A final with Red Crayola’s “Transparent Radiation.” Honestly an acoustic and soothing concert!

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