3 August 1985 – Black Lion Pub, Northampton

Pete Kember – Jason Pierce – Natty Brooker

2.35 / These Things Have Got To Be / Little Doll / Things’ll Never Be The Same

After a few gigs with posters that make it clear that the band is now called Spacemen 3, the yellow one makes it look like they are back to just being Spacemen, along with the slogan coined by Natty that would subsequently be absorbed into the band’s name. If I were going by that poster alone, I might have placed this in 1984, but we have a fantastically detailed first-hand account from Graham Holliday, who made the earliest known live Spacemen 3 recording on this night. You can read Graham’s memories of this gig and many others here. Graham expanded this account into a highly recommended mini book, which you can buy here.

The picture of the yellow poster is from Jason Pierce’s Instagram, where he says “Found a box of original Spacemen memorabilia .. This is an original poster pre-3.. In fact the poster that made us wanna use the 3 in the band name. Courtesy of Natty Brooker’s fine hand”.

Black and white poster courtesy of Craig Wagstaff. Photos by Sean Cook.

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