20 May 1988 – ULU, London

Pete Kember – Jason Pierce – Pete Bain – Sterling Roswell

Mary Anne / Rollercoaster / Take Me To The Other Side / Thingsā€™ll Never Be The Same / Starship (only about 30 seconds of this) / Revolution / Suicide

Pete Bain’s last gig.

Martin Langshaw remembers the drummer for this gig as Thierry Bernardon. Spacemen fan Mark Lascelles, who saw this as his first Spacemen gig, remembers it being Rosco. Rosco tells me that he played one gig with Thierry watching so that he could learn the drum parts, and he was sure it wasn’t the previous gig at the Astoria, so it must have been this one.

Thanks to Mark Lascelles for the ticket.

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