DJ Tones

Front and back of the Space Age CD

Pete Kember – Jason Pierce – Pete Bain – Will Carruthers – Johnny Mattock – Mark Refoy – Owen John (no credits on CD)

Releases and Tracklistings
Released on Space Age Recordings, October 2008. CD (Orbit028CD). Originally limited to 2000 copies (more may have been produced since).

  1. These Blues (Pierce)
  2. Transparen Radiation (violin mix) (Thompson/Cunningham/Barthelm)
  3. Modulated Tones (Kember/Pierce)
  4. I Love You (remix) (Kember)
  5. Ecstasy Symphony (Kember/Pierce)

Reissued by The Great Pop Supplement in October 2008. 12″ (GPS44), with the same tracklisting as the Space Age release. 1000 copies on clear vinyl.

Other Information
An official release on Space Age of some rarities. ‘These Blues’, ‘Transparent Radiation (violin mix)’ and ‘Modulated Tones’ appeared on the unoficial release How The Blues Should Have Turned Out 2. The ‘I Love You’ remix was originally featured on a white label of the ‘Big City’ remix, with only 50 copies being produced. ‘Ecstasy Symphony’ appears to be the version called ‘Ecstacy Live Intro Theme’ from Dreamweapon.

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