Transparent Radiation/Honey

Front and back of the released 7″, and of one of the 25 test pressings

Releases and Tracklisting
Released by the US music magazine Forced Exposure as an incentive to subscribe. 7″ (fe-017).

  1. Transparent Radiation
  2. Honey

25 test pressings were made, each with a unique sleeve. These did not make their way to the market until some years after the original release, which lead many to suspect that they were bootlegs, but they appear to be genuine.

Other Information
In the advert for the single ‘Transparent Radiation’ is described as “…the ‘surging ecstasy’ trance-out version, and completely different than the one The Spacemen 3 released a few years ago on some English label.” This isn’t quite correct – it is the same underlying track as ‘Transparen Radiation (Flashback)’ from the Transparent Radiation single and The Perfect Prescription, with the same vocal, guitar and bass parts. It has some echo effects that are not on the final version, and no violins. It fades a couple of minutes earlier than the final version. Having said that, this particular take is unavailable elsewhere.

The version of ‘Honey’ is a demo. It is the same underlying track as the demo version that opens the second disc of the Space Age release of Playing With Fire, but the Forced Exposure version sounds more finished – it has some lower register guitar parts that function as a bassline, and the surging repeated organ that starts before the track gets going on the Playing With Fire take and continues throughout the track have been removed for the Forced Exposure version.

So, both tracks have been released in other, more easily accessible forms, but both of these mixes are unique.

Other Pictures

The offer for the single from Forced Exposure 15

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