How The Blues Should Have Turned Out 1

Front, back and inner liner notes

Pete Kember – Jason Pierce – Pete Bain – Tim Morris – Natty Brooker – Sterling Roswell (no credits give on CD)

Releases and Tracklistings
Self-released by Pete Kember, 2005, on CD only. Limited to 100 copies.

  1. T.V. Eye (The Stooges)
  2. By The River (Kember/Pierce)
  3. Blow My Top (Kember/Pierce)/Funhouse (The Stooges)
  4. Hey Man/Things’ll Never Be The Same Again (Kember/Pierce)
  5. Ode To Street Hassle (Kember/Pierce)
  6. Little Doll (The Stooges)
  7. Mary-Anne (Glenn Campbell)
  8. 2.35 (Kember/Pierce)
  9. Rollercoaster (Hall/Erikson)

This is how the tracks appear on the disc – there are a few differences in track order to the sleeve, and some songs are on the same track on the CD.

Other Information
A fascinating collection of rehearsals and live performances, available for a short time by mail order only. Not the album to use to introduce a newcomer to the band, but a goldmine for hardcore enthusiasts. Disc one of a two disc set.

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