Hypnotized/Just To See You Smile

Front and back of the 12″ (with and without the “Free Poster” sticker) and the front of the 7″
CD inlay, and the 5″ and 3″ CDs

SONIC BOOM – vocals, vox starstreamer, fender jaguar, vox super continental
JASON – vocals, fender telecaster, autoharp, keyboards
WILLIE – bass vibrations
JON – percussion
OWEN JOHN – violin
ALEX GREEN – saxophone

Releases and Tracklistings
Released on Fire Records, July 1989. 7″ (BLAZE 36S), 12″ (BLAZE 36T), CD (BLAZE 36CD).

  1. Hypnotized (Pierce)
  2. Just To See You Smile (Honey pt. 2) (Kember)
  3. The World Is Dying (Kember)

‘The World Is Dying’ features on the 12″ and CD only. The first 2000 copies of the 12″ came with a free poster. There are both 3″ and 5″ versions of the CD, although the packaging is identical for both issues.

Other Information
Prodcued by Sonic + Jason. Recorded at VHF Sound Centre Rugby. Engineered by Paul Adkins. Cut at Townhouse. Front of sleeve photograph by Philip Rodriquez.


Reviews from the NME and Sounds

Other Pictures

Tower Records advert as printed in the 8 July 1989 NME, and the poster that came with early copies of the 12″

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