Live In Europe 1989

Front, inlays and tray of the Bomp! CD of Spacemen are Go!
Front, inlays and tray of the Space Age CD of Live In Europe 1989

Sonic Boom: Vocals, Vox Starstreamer, Vox Continental/Vox Conqueror & FX
Jason Pierce: Vocals, Fender Telecaster, Rickenbacker 6 String
Willie Carruthers: Bass Vibrations
Jon Mattock: Percussion

Releases and Tracklistings
Released as Spacemen Are Go! on Bomp!, May 1995. CD (BCD 4044).

  1. Rollercoaster (Hall/Erikson)
  2. Mary Anne (Glenn Campbell)
  3. Bo Diddley Jam (Kember/Pierce)
  4. 2:35 (Kember/Pierce)
  5. Walking With Jesus (Kember/Pierce)
  6. I Believe It (Kember)
  7. Lord Can You Hear Me? (Pierce)
  8. Things’ll Never Be The Same (Kember/Pierce)
  9. Starship (MC5/Sun Ra/Kember/Pierce)
  10. Revolution (Kember)
  11. Suicide (Kember/Pierce)

Retitled as Live In Europe 1989 and released on Space Age Recordings, November 1995. 2xLP (ORBIT 002), CD (ORBIT 002CD). Tracklisting as above, plus:

  1. Take Me To The Other Side (Kember/Pierce)
  2. Suicide (Version 2) (Kember/Pierce)

The second version of ‘Suicide’ runs for 7:30 on the CD and 16:00 on the LP.

The Space Age version was reissued in 2019 on 2xLP orange vinyl (ORBIT 062LP) and CD (ORBIT 062CD).


Review from the 3 February 1996 NME and Select

Other Information
Spacemen Are Go!: Mastering by Chris Barrus and Sonic Boom. Mastered at Music Box, Eagle Rock, California. Graphic Design by Greg Shaw/Perky Pat Layouts (based on an idea by Chris Barrus).
Live In Europe 1989: Original mastering by Chris Barrus and Sonic Boom. Artwork by Andy Smith.

The recordings are from a variety of gigs from the 1989 European tour:

‘Rollercoaster’, ‘Things’ll Never Be The Same’, ‘Starship’, ‘Revolution’ and ‘Take Me To The Other Side’ are from the 18 May 1989 gig at the New Morning, Geneva, Switzerland.

‘Mary Anne’ and ‘Bo Diddley Jam’ are from the 14 May 1989 gig at Röhre, Stuttgart, Germany.

‘Walkin’ With Jesus’, ‘I Believe It’, ‘Lord Can You Hear Me?’ and ‘Suicide (Version 2)’ are from the 20 May 1989 gig at Spielboden, Dornbirn, Austria.

‘Suicide’ is from the 16 May 1989 gig at Schlachthof, Munich, Germany.

‘2:35’ is not a live performance. It is ‘2.35 (Version 2)’ that was included on the Bomp! and Space Age issues of Taking Drugs To Make Music To Take Drugs To.

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