X-Tacy (Live Intro Theme)/Transparent Radiation (Demo)/Repeater (Demo)

Front, inlay and back of the CD booklet, and front and back of the CD tray

Pete Kember – Jason Pierce – Pete Bain – Sterling Roswell

Releases and Tracklistings
Included on The New Atlantis, on Space Age Recordings, May 1996. CD (ORBIT004CD).

Other Information
A sampler for Space Age Recordings, featuring some material from other Space Age releases and some exclusive content.

The version of ‘Ecstasty Symphony’ was previously released on Dreamweapon. It runs for 9:00 rather than the 9:26 suggested on the cover.

The version of ‘Transparent Radiation’ was first featured on the cassette Oozing Through The Ozone Layer, and was later reissued on a bootleg 7″. This is its only official release, although the same underlying track was issued as the “Organ Version” on the Space Age release of Taking Drugs To Make Music To Take Drugs To, in a different version (mainly with the addition of an organ!).

The demo version of ‘Repeater’ was exclusive to this release for many years, but has now been issued on the Space Age vinyl reissue of Taking Drugs To Make Music To Take Drugs To. This remains its only issue on CD.

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