Come Down Easy (Demo)/Transparent Radiation (Demo)

Plain cover, band transparency and overlaid, circles transparency and overlaid, and back cover (circles pictures from Discogs)

Pete Kember – Jason Pierce – Pete Bain – Sterling Roswell (No credits on the single)

Releases and Tracklistings
Released on an unnamed label, intended to be Whirly Bird, May 1995. 7″, with no catalogue number given. Inlcudes demo versions of ‘Come Down Easy’ and ‘Take Me To The Other Side’.

Other Information
A bootleg 7″ single, limited to 500 copies, containing two Spacemen 3 tracks which were very hard to find at the time. These two demos were originally featured on a cassette called Oozing Through The Ozone Layer, compiled by a young Mark Webber from Pulp.

The demo of ‘Come Down Easy’ is the same one that was officially released on disc one of Forged Prescriptions, but there are some subtle differences between the two mixes. The one on this single has a bit more guitar picking throughout, and doesn’t include the tambourine that kicks in at 4.15 on the Forged Prescriptions version. This single version does appear to be identical to the one that features on the Out Of It Sessions.

The ‘Transparent Radiation’ demo also features on the Out Of It Sessions. This version has been officially released on the Space Age Recordings compilation The New Atlantis, although this official version fades out a few seconds of studio chatter at the end.

The sleeve design is an abstract splash of colour that may have been slightly different on each single. This was housed in a clear protective cover, and most copies have one of two different transparent inserts which can be overlaid on top of this basic design, one being a Playing With Fire era band photo, the other being another image of the circles.

Other Pictures

Inlay of the Oozing Through The Ozone Layer cassette that these tracks are taken from, and the Natty Brooker artwork of the same name

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