Revolution Or Heroin

Front, inlay and tray from the CD

Pete Kember – Jason Pierce – Pete Bain – Sterling Roswell (not credited on the CD)

Releases and Tracklistings
Released on Fierce, June 1995. CD (Fright 063).

  1. Walkin’ With Jesus (Kember/Pierce)
  2. Take Me To The Other Side (Kember/Pierce)
  3. Rollercoaster (Hall/Erikson)
  4. Things’ll Never Be The Same (Kember/Pierce)
  5. Starship – Revolution (MC5/Sun Ra/Kember/Pierce) (Kember)
  6. Suicide (Kember/Pierce)

This is a conventional version of the tracklisting – see the CD tray for the way they were described on the actual release.

Other Information
A bootleg release on the ever mischievous Fierce label. This is an incomplete recording of the 22 October 1987 gig at the Mean Fiddler, Harlesden, London. The spoken word pieces between the tracks are from the album below.

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