The Singles

Front, both sides of the fold-out inlay, and both sides of the tray of the original Taang! CD
Front, both sides of the inlay, and both sides of the tray of the reissue Taang! CD

Sonic Boom – guitar, feedback, vocals
Jason – guitar, farsifa, vocals
Bassman – bass vibrations
N. Brooker – percussion (tracks 1-3, 11)
Rosco – percussion (tracks 4-10)

Releases and Tracklistings
Released on Taang! Records, 1995. CD (TAANG! 96).

  1. Walkin’ With Jesus (Sound Of Confusion) (Kember/Pierce)
  2. Rollercoaster (Hall/Erikson)
  3. Feel So Good (Kember/Pierce)
  4. Transparent Radiation (Thompson/Cunningham/Barthelm)
  5. Ecstasy Symphony (Kember/Pierce)
  6. Transparent Radiation (Flashback) (Thompson/Cunningham/Barthelm)
  7. Things’ll Never Be The Same (Kember/Pierce)
  8. Starship (MC5/Sun Ra/Kember/Pierce)
  9. Take Me To The Other Side (Kember/Pierce)
  10. Soul 1 (Kember/Pierce)
  11. That’s Just Fine (Kember/Pierce)

Reissued in February 2006 with different artwork.

Although not released on vinyl, a 3×12″ vinyl test pressing was produced.

Other Information
See the pages for the original Glass 12″ releases, or the one for Translucent Flashbacks, for extra credits.

A US collection of the three Glass singles, which serves as a counterpart to Translucent Flashbacks. Unlike the latter, which omitted ‘Things’ll Never Be The Same’, it is included here at the correct speed. In order to fit everything onto one CD, around four minutes are edited out of ‘Rollercoaster’.

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