Threebie 3

Back and front of the original Fire 12″ and the Space Age CD reissue

SONIC: vocals, feedback, fender jaguar, vox conqueror, vox starstreamer, vox continental
JASON: fender telecaster, rickenbacker capri 360
BASSMAN: fender bass vibrations
S. ROSWELL: percussion

Releases and Tracklistings
Released on Fire Records, June 1989. LP (THREEBIE 3).

  1. Starship (Sun Ra/MC5/Kember/Pierce)
  2. Revolution (Kember)
  3. Suicide (Kember/Pierce)
  4. Repeater (Kember)
  5. Live Intro Theme (Xtacy) (Kember/Pierce)

‘Starship’ is omitted from the tracklisting on the back cover. The tracks that are listed have “(Live)” after their titles.

Reissued on Space Age Recordings, March 1989, CD (ORBIT 020CD), with the same tracklsting as the Fire edition. This CD has been reissued at least once since then. Reissued on Space Age Recordings on yellow vinyl (ORBIT 020LP) for Record Store Day 2020.


A review of the CD reissue from the 15 May 1999 Melody Maker

Other Information
Live tracks recorded: Melkweg, Amsterdam, 6/2/1988. Live Intro Theme (Xtasy) recorded: V.H.F. Soundcentre, Rugby, Spring 1988. All tracks mixed at V.H.F. Rugby. Record cut by G. ‘Porky’ Peckham, assisted by John Timms. Recorded by Riny Van Zoo Lingen. Special thanks to Gunther & Thyn for organisation. Apologies to Clint ‘Inspiral’ Boon for the missed photo credit on GLALP 030 live mini LP. Special apologies and thanks to Dick Green & Alan McGee.

Early copies of Playing With Fire came with an insert that could be used to send off for a free copy of this mini-LP. A fee of £2 was required for postage and packing. The live versions of ‘Suicide’ and ‘Repeater’ had been included on the CD and cassette issues of Playing With Fire, and the insert described this as a way of owning these tracks on vinyl. There is a mention of the extra tracks being “only usually available to cassette, C.D. and D.A.T. buyers”, suggesting that Fire were considering a DAT version of Playing With Fire. DAT (Digital Audio Tape) never took off as a consumer format, although it gained a degree of popularity in the industry.

Is this a 12″ or an LP? A debate that will be familiar to fans of The Fall whenever Slates is mentioned. It’s over three quarters of an hour long, so I’m calling it an LP. I have to admit defeat in my attempt to call it an untitled live album (although it is, there is no title on the original vinyl), everyone calls it by its catalogue number so I guess I’ll have to as well.

Read more about ‘Porky’ Peckham here.

Clint Boon is belatedly thanked for the photos he took at the 18 December 1986 gig that were used on the cover of Performance.

The special apologies and thanks to Dick Green and Alan McGee are a result of Spacemen 3 agreeing to sign to Creation records (the deal was discussed in various interviews and the band’s name had begun to appear in Creation press releases) before finally deciding to sign with Fire.

Other Pictures

The Playing With Fire insert to send off for Threebie 3, and a report from the 20 May 1989 NME apologising for the delay in sending them out

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