Walkin’ With Jesus

Front and back of the original 12″ cover

“Sonic Boom” – guitar, feedback, vocals
Jason – guitar, vocals
Bassman – bass guitar
N. Brooker – percussion

Releases and Tracklisting
Released on Glass Records, November 1986, on 12″ only (GLAEP 105). Early copies included a blue lyric sheet – it is not clear how many of these there were, probably around 1500.

  1. Walkin’ With Jesus (Sound Of Confusion)
  2. Rollercoaster
  3. Feel So Good

Reissued on Fire Records, 2011, on 12″ (SFIRE 158-1).

Other Information
Recorded by Carlo Marocco. Produced by Spacemen 3. Sleeve design by Spacemen 3. Photography by Craig Wagstaff.

Spacemen 3 made an attempt to record ‘Walkin’ With Jesus’ as part of the Sound Of Confusion sessions in April 1986, but were unhappy with the result. “It’s one of those songs, there’s a very fine line between that song being really good and really shit. When we recorded it with the LP it was really shit. It was like that live, either great or it wouldn’t gell” – Pete Kember in the second issue of the Spacemen 3 fanzine Outer Limits. Surprisingly, considering the amount of archive Spacemen 3 material that has been released over the years, this version has never emerged.

For its release as their first single, the band brushed off the demo they had recorded with Carlos Marocco in January 1986, returning to the same studio to record tracks for the B-side. The first of these was a re-recording of their cover of ‘Rollercoaster’, clocking in at 17 minutes. This is cross-faded into ‘Feel So Good’, the full version of which without the crossfade can be found on the Bomp! and Space Age version of Taking Drugs To Make Music To Take Drugs To, where is is incorrectly referred to as a demo version.

The back cover describes the tracklisting of the A side as ‘Walkin’ With Jesus’ on one line, with ‘Sound Of Confusion’ on the line below, leading some people to believe that these are two tracks.

This was the last Spacemen 3 recording to feature Natty Brooker, who had left the band by the time it was released, having played his last gig in August 1986.


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Other Pictures

A photo from the cover shoot taken without the lighting effects, three variants of the promotional poster, a numbered and unnumbered blue insert, and a white insert

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