Why Couldn’t I See ? (Instrumental)

Front, back, and a demonstration of the fold-out sleeve (pictures from Discogs)

Pete Kember – Will Carruthers – Johnny Mattock – Mark Refoy (although possibly just Pete Kember, there are no credits on the single)

Releases and Tracklistings
Released on The Great Pop Supplement, 2013. 7″ (GPS100). Limited to 1000 copies.

The first track is a demo of ‘Bo’s Web’ by Spectrum, which never came to fruition as a proper release. It is an unfinished studio version of an instrumental that Spacemen 3 played on their 1989 European tour, when it was known as ‘Bo Diddley Jam’.

The instrumental of ‘Why Couldn’t I See’ is also on the A side. It is instrumental as described, but it could also be a demo, so it is possible that Pete Kember is the only participant.

The B side of the single is ‘Something About Prince’ by MGMT. The single was originally withdrawn from sale when there were problems with the clearances of this track with Sony. When this was settled and the remaining copies were released, some people thought there had been a second pressing, when in fact it was just the remainder of the stock finding its way into the market.

Other Information
The single is housed in an elaborate fold-out sleeve, making it one of the most attractive Spacemen 3 releases.

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