When Tomorrow Hits

Front and back of the wrap-around cover

Pete Kember – Jason Pierce – Will Carruthers – Johnny Mattock – Mark Refoy (no credits on the single)

Releases and Tracklisting
A bootleg 7″, released some time in 1990. No label or catalogue number given. The A side is the Spacemen 3 version of ‘When Tomorrow Hits’, the B side is Mudhoney’s live version of ‘Revolution’.

Additional Information
Mudhoney were big fans of Spacemen 3, and there were plans for Sub Pop to release a single with the two bands covering each other. This came to nothing when the Spacemen were less than impressed with what Mudhoney had done with the lyrics to ‘Revolution’, turning it into an unplesant joke at the expense of Pete Kember. Despite this, Spacemen 3 continued working on their cover of Mudhoney’s ‘When Tomorrow Hits’, which was eventually released on some formats of Recurring.

Although not released by Sub Pop, this bootleg 7″, limited to 500 copies, has been made in the Sub Pop style.

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