March 1989 – Record Mirror

1989 A Stereo Spacemen Odyssey

Having recently attempted to spark a ‘Revolution’ with their single of the same name, Spacemen 3 now look set to ignite, if not the Houses of Parliament (nice thought), then, at the very least, a few thousand pairs of ears with their hot (of course) new album, ‘Playing With Fire’, out now on the appropriately-named Fire records. ‘Playing…’ is the sound of a mature band (they’ve been forming their music for seven years) with a full sound and balanced emotions. They still scorch on tracks like ‘Suicide’, which utilises overload guitars and noise, but we also get their gentle side with ballads and sad songs aplenty. On ‘Wash Away All My Tears’ they plead, and ask a heavily ironic yet softly spoken ‘Lord Can U Hear Me’. Main mouthpiece Sonic (guitar and vocals) speaks on behalf of the band (that’s Jason on guitar and vocals, Willie on bass and John on drums), who’ve travelled down from their native Rugby to answer a few questions.

The band’s most recent photos featured some great T-shirts bearing the legend “For All The F***ed-Up Children Of This World We Give You Spacemen 3”. What’s that about, then?

Sonic: “That’s to do with alienation. I think everyone can relate to alienation on the levels we’re talking about. Alienated in the respect that we’re out of place in this time, but in another I think we’d be more in place.”

And what of the revolution you speak of? How do you see this coming about?

Sonic: “By people, individually, following their noses, using their common sense. Like, you shouldn’t destroy the ozone layer or pump shit into the sea. Clause 28’s a good example of bullshit implemented by the Tories – is that gonna make us better people? It’s just utter bullshit.”

Sonic and his pals may not be the Che Guevaras or even Billy Braggs of rock but their hearts are in the right place. As for where their heads are, well, that’s another, psychedelic story – one best enjoyed and digested aurally through your hi-fi speakers. You’ve heard about the T-shirt, experience the album and see the tour. They’re presently orbiting the country on a 25 date mission. Spaced out!

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