Spacemen Pod

An irregular series of Spacemen 3 related chats with Ian Edmond and Mark Lascelles.

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Episode One – Introducing Spacemen Pod. Chat about how we discovered Spacemen 3; what it is about them that is so special to us; a discussion of our joint favourite Spacemen 3 song, Feel So Good; a look back at the January 1988 gig at the Rose Club in Cologne; and an overview of Glaxie 500, a favourite of many Spacemen fans.

The YouTube upload of the Rose Club gig can be found at the bottom of this page.

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  1. Well done, Ian & Mark!
    it’s so nice to listen to your banter about the people, experiences, songs & personal impacts. sorta like the 3rd dimension not easily done in text.
    it would be so nice if we could all get in a room and just rap about this! i’m sure we’d all learn to hear new perspectives of this band and just vibe out together!
    however, i know, easier said then done; so in the meantime i look forward to your next episode! (no pressure lol!)

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