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An irregular series of Spacemen 3 related chats with Ian Edmond and Mark Lascelles.

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We continue our chat with Mark Refoy, who recounts his memories of making the Spiritualized album Pure Phase.

Photo of Mark in the early days of Slipstream courtesy of Phil Nicholls (

New Slipstream track, Bradlaugh Fields Forever:

Rumponia compilation including a Cellar 16 song:

Spiritualized at Glastonbury 1992:

Spiritualized at Glastonbury 1993:

Spiritualized MTV session:

Andrew McCulloch’s piece on Pure Phase:

Pete Bassman Manchester date, 13 November:

Electronic Sound magazine with Jason interview:

Relatively Clean Rivers:

In this episode, we continue our chat with Mark Refoy, talking about his time in Spacemen 3 and Spiritualized, and we examine I Love You from the final Spacemen3 album Recurring.

Photo of Mark with the first Spiritualized lineup courtesy of Phil Nicholls (

Spacemen 3 at Subterania, 22 August 1989, part 1:

Spacemen 3 at Subterania, 22 August 1989, part 2:

Spacemen 3 at the Reading Festival, 25 August 1989:

Art & Language: Letters to The Jackson Pollock Bar in the Style of The Red Krayola (includes link to the video of the event):

Buy J Spaceman And J Coxon Play The Red Krayola Live 1967:

Synthetic Dreams podcast with Pete Kember:

New Cheval Sombre album at Sonic Cathedral:

Will Carruthers on Twitter with details of his online gig:

Bob Marley’s musical influence on I Love You, Mr Brown:

Bob Marley’s lyrical influence on I Love You, Duppy Conqueror:

In our third episode, Ian and Mark chat to Mark Refoy about the bands he was a part of in the 1980s and his memories of seeing Spacemen 3 as a fan. The interview will continue in future episodes, covering Mark’s time in Spacemen 3 and Spiritualized and the many projects he has been involved with since. Photo: Mark with the Tell Tale Hearts, playing Jason’s telecaster during a Spacemen 3 support slot at the Roadmenders, Northampton, February 1986.

The Syndromes CD can be bought from here:

Video of Mark playing with Cellar 16 at the Black Lion:

Playlist of songs from Mark’s early bands:

Whistle Test piece on the Northampton Musician’s Collective:

Graham Holiday’s book about his (and Mark’s) first Spacemen 3 gig:

Sonic Boom Bandcamp page, including details of live dates:

Spiritualized site with links to stores to order reissues:

The Psychedelic Schafferson Jetplane:

Foxtrot Sierra & His Uniforms:

Latin American Spacemen 3 tribute album (free!):

In this second episode, Ian and Mark chat about Transparent Radiation and the November 1985 gig at the Mercia Leisure Centre. Greg Jarvis from Flowers of Hell describes his Spacemen 3 voyage of discovery, and there’s a discussion of Spacemen contemporaries Loop.

Many thanks to Greg Jarvis (, Gavin Wissen for Mercia memories, and Steve Evans for permission to use his early band photo.

Spacemen 3 play Transparent Radiation at Willem 1, Arnhem, Netherlands, 13 April 1989:

Spacemen 3 play Transparent Radiation at the Forum, Enger, Germany, 6 May 1989:

Spiritualized site, with links to stores to order reissues:

Pete Kember’s BandCamp:

Pete Bain gig, London, 18 November:

Pete Bain gig, Colchester, 19 November:

More about the Mercia Leisure Centre gig:

Episode One – Introducing Spacemen Pod. Chat about how we discovered Spacemen 3; what it is about them that is so special to us; a discussion of our joint favourite Spacemen 3 song, Feel So Good; a look back at the January 1988 gig at the Rose Club in Cologne; and an overview of Glaxie 500, a favourite of many Spacemen fans.

The YouTube upload of the Rose Club gig can be found at the bottom of this page.

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  1. Well done, Ian & Mark!
    it’s so nice to listen to your banter about the people, experiences, songs & personal impacts. sorta like the 3rd dimension not easily done in text.
    it would be so nice if we could all get in a room and just rap about this! i’m sure we’d all learn to hear new perspectives of this band and just vibe out together!
    however, i know, easier said then done; so in the meantime i look forward to your next episode! (no pressure lol!)

  2. Very cool to finally hear your voices after all these years – you forgot to mention that the best part of that Cologne gig is when someone in the audience shouts “Louder!” at Pete and he replies with a full-on pummeling blast of feedback. Looking forward to the next episode!

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