Gig poster – Fekete Lyuk, Hungary, 12 May 1989

Discovered on a Hungarian auction site by Kirill Maslov, this is a great poster for Spacemen 3’s only gig in the Eastern Block, at the Fekete Lyuk (Black Hole) in Hungary, 12 May 1989.

From Erik Morse’s Spacemen 3 book: ‘The spare floor filled with bodies by show time. Shadowed arms and legs contorted to the waves of a stereo blasting everything from Abba’s greatest hits to Sonic Youth’s Daydream Nation. The glare of an overhead light revealed a grizzled Hungarian wrapped in a nun’s habit and covered with swastikas. “Just strangeness. Strangeness,” Will surveyed from the stage as The Spacemen fired off with ‘Rollercoaster’. The club owner sauntered through the crowd sporting a Kaiser-style helmet embossed with an Iron Cross and painted in psychedelic colours. “Very strange,” concurred Sonic.’